Affiliate Marketing Commissions – Let ‘Em Roll In

What’s the best method to begin seeing affiliate marketing commissions? You can begin with an affiliate marketing guide, and find out the basic methods that have been time-tested by affiliates everywhere. There are certain strategies that have worked for almost every single prosperous affiliate and which have often been traded and passed around among the society of affiliate marketers since the onset. Let’s take a look at what some of those are.

Many Business Models – There are multiple, or more like thousands, of different business models that utilize selling products online, but they can be reduced to a couple easy and fairly straightforward categories. So Let’s look at what a few of those are.

List Building – The equation of a list marketing campaign is almost always the same. You’ve got some kind of visitors that directs to a squeeze page, and you acquire email addresses which afterwards you refer products to. Easy, correct? Actually yes it is rather simple. And in the case where you can capture somebody’s email address who is interested in the specific niche you are advertising, you can then market to them on future occasions and keep on profiting from the first money and/or effort you gave to get those leads to start with.

Straight Linking – Whether you’re using PPC, or article marketing, or some different format such as Squidoo or HubPages, direct linking pretty much indicates linking right to your affiliate link which has your affiliate code so you get paid if the person pays for something. While extremely simplistic and quick to set-up, it can be the most disappointing, because it entails understanding how to target your potential customers laser-sharp so that you can be sure they are buyers and not just browsing.

Zero Cost Guides – Offering free guide with your affiliate link id is another form of direct linking, but it can be even more effective because it allows the customer to learn more about you before they follow a link, thus giving you a chance to build up your trustworthiness in a more close-up and personal way as an expert on your topic before they make a purchase.

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