Marketing Communication Costs and Increase Response Rates at the Same Time

Traditional marketing communications alternatives such as leaflets, posters and direct mail can be costly and time consuming, and in this digital age may not be reaching much of the intended market. In contrast, mobile texting campaigns or SMS is an alternative that’s not only inexpensive, but truly scalable at little if any increase in cost.

A mobile communications strategy works because text messages a very high percentage of text messages are opened within seconds of being received – a reported study from the U.K. saw a 97.5% open rate within 5 seconds of receipt. Where mobile devices are available to and used by most of today’s adult population, and SMS functionality is available on all phones currently sold, this scenario presents an opportunity to use a new channel for marketing communications.

SMS marketing is in essence instantaneous. When you send a message to your opted-in list of text recipients there may be a delay of seconds, or in the worst case minutes during high messaging traffic times such as on a Friday afternoon. Similarly the response will be within the same time period. This is a far cry from sending a direct mail piece for which you have to wait for delivery, reading and finally response. The ability to time a message also opens up the ability to send time-sensitive or actionable information, such as an offer to clear today’s inventory.

The costs of a text messaging campaign commonly include elements of setup, maintenance and per message fees – but when broken down per individual contacted are usually in the area of cents per message. When response rates are taken into account, these numbers have been even more cost effective than traditional media.

Text based mobile marketing does have its inherent limitations. Message lengths are limited to 160 characters in most markets, not including required words & phrases, which is room for about 40 words. In a positive sense, message length restrictions is one of the reasons why recipients open and find well written messages with clear calls to action easy to read and act upon. The limitations can also be overcome in the versatility offered by text messages that can contain a Click-To-Call feature or link to a mobile website for more information.

SMS marketing allows you to engage with more consumers quickly, at very inexpensive cost. Message recipients regard text messages are more personal, interactive and usable. Mobile phones have become an invaluable communications medium for businesses that want widespread reach. Marketing communication by text is therefore an up to date means of interacting with consumers using a technology consumers know and now use on a daily basis.

Tee Marek is an Account Manager for, a mobile interactive agency specializing in traffic uplift through extending traditional marketing to new digital media including iPhone Apps, Messaging and Augmented Reality applications.

Voice Broadcasting – It’s Time You Tried This Amazing Marketing Tool

Are you tired of paying money — and lots of it — for the same old marketing techniques over and over again without seeing any real results from the dollars and efforts spent? Then maybe it’s time to try something new, something innovative, something powerful and something that really works! Maybe it’s time you try a little marketing medium called voice broadcasting.

Voice broadcasting is a way for you to reach literally thousands of people in just a matter of minutes — and by making just ONE simple phone call. It is both a powerful and a personal way for you to get your message out to thousands of potential customers. You can deliver your personalized message just the way you want it to be delivered with the full exuberance and passion that you feel about your product or service; and because it is more personal than a typical email or a direct mailing flier, it is much more powerful.

Voice broadcasting is not only a powerful marketing tool that has proven to be highly effective, but it is also a money-saving and time-saving tool as well. Just think about how quickly you can record a message, and with the touch of a few buttons, send that message on to masses of people. It’s like having your very own telemarketing firm working for you. But, you know the message if true, direct and to the point. Plus, you don’t have to pay out any commissions for the sales that come in.

Voice broadcasting costs a lot less than other marketing tools such as direct mailings. And when you send a voice broadcast, you don’t have to worry about it getting lost in the mail or thrown in the garbage can. You can count on your voice being delivered on time – every time.

Voice broadcasting can help your business take off. If you have never tried this amazing marketing tool, then it’s time you did.

Art Business Marketing and Branding Ideas – Tips to Marketing Your Art Via YouTube

YouTube is one of the top five visited sites in the world and has been a great resource for providing information, entertainment, and fun. Also it has become one of the most successful marketing tools on the web hemisphere. Yep, marketing. Can you believe? People along with major companies are using videos as part of their marketing campaign to rev-up sales or get the viewer to do some kind of action whether it be join their mailing list, visit their website, or purchase goods or service from the marketer.

Well, what does this have to do with artists, a lot. Just like major companies and independent companies are using YouTube as a way to market their products artist like you can too. Here’s how.

Videos are different from text and still images because videos allow viewers to get a glimpse of who the person really is on the video. Viewers can tell whether you are entertaining, funny, informative, or boring. So if you have a video of you, as an artist people can see you and maybe like you, resulting in them doing business with you in some way. If you do decide to go the YouTube route there are a few things you as an artist should consider.

First, post videos of you creating your artwork in your studio or class.

You want to allow people to see a taste of what it’s like to be in your world. While you are shooting the video you can talk a little about how your work is created from beginning to end. This type of video can serve as an artist statement to whom ever comes in contact with your video. You can post this type of video on your blog or site to serve as just that, an artist statement.

Second, create videos of you having an art show or art exhibition, especially if you have a lot of people at your show.

This gives the viewers a sense that you are professional and that you have some recognition from collectors and buyers. It’s also cool to see people socializing and mingling at one single location that’s devoted to you. So definitely post videos of yourself having an art show.

Third, use your videos to lead people to your site, blog, Facebook page, or what have you.

This is the most important thing you can do. You definitely want to have people to go to the main location where you sell and promote your art on the web. Again, whether it’s Facebook, a website, or blog you want to have the link or url somewhere in the video. It’s been said that it’s best to have it at the beginning of the video and at the end. Also you want to have a direct link to your site or fan page first thing in the description box next to your video. You can put this right after you upload your video.

If uploading video and making video is new to you don’t be too frightened by it, it’s very easy to get started. If you don’t know anything about video and YouTube just ask a family member especially a teenager or college student and I promise they can point you into the right direction. Also, don’t concern yourself about what kind of camera to use.

There are so many inexpensive cameras that you can purchase less than 100 bucks that will allow you to upload your video directly to YouTube. If you remember these few things I mentioned you can’t go wrong with getting a response from using videos to market your artwork.

Private Quarters Home Comforts Direct Sales Opportunity Review

Private Quarters is a new direct sales company based out of California that offers products in the home comforts industry. Started in 2004 by Wayne Selness and Jeff Stroud to continue the Stroud tradition of selling quality home linens and accessories. The company offers consumers the opportunity to own good quality linens and become a consultant through direct sales and in home parties. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Private Quarters product line is quite extensive and consists of all kinds of linens such as comforters, bedroom sets, pillows, pillow cases, blankets, throws, bedroom slippers, and linens for every room of your house. On the bath and spa end they have products like bath rugs, soap holders, shower curtains, magazine racks, candles, soap and everything you can imagine that goes in your spa. All these products come with a guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials for six months and a no hassle replacement policy.

To become a consultant for Private Quarters you need to purchase a starter kit for $199.99 and that comes with over $500 worth of products and business supplies that will get you started. The recommended selling method is to host in home parties where your friends and family can look, touch and feel the products and see the quality. The compensation plan pays up to 40% on personal retail sales and up to 11% on the retail sales of those you sponsor. There is also monthly cash bonuses and generational bonuses as you get more and more sponsors under you. The company website states that the average purchase is around $120 so you can make a fair amount on personal sales commissions.

Becoming a Private Quarters consultant is a legitimate opportunity to earn some extra income, and they do have some excellent products with a wide array of home and bath items that everyone, no matter what the economy, needs and desires. But, in order to really create a stream of wealth you need to know how to harness the power of the internet and market this opportunity online. I think the only downside to this opportunity is that, you can be very successful without having to market to your friends and family and without having to host parties. There are some simple marketing techniques that are used everyday to market just about anything on the internet, you just need to know how or if you do not, know where to get the training and then utilize it. You truly can master these techniques in a short period of time if you are willing to put some time and effort into it and then you will see the success of your efforts.